Fuli Peridot

photo of a woman inspecting the wall of a peridot mine

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The Fuli Philosophy

In 2015, the largest known peridot deposit in the world (among those identified as of 31 December 2023) was discovered in the foothills of the Changbai Mountains in north-eastern China. Fuli Gemstones International Holdings Ltd ("Fuli") acquired the mining rights and started the development of the Yiqisong Nanshan mine in late 2021. With the mine construction underway, commercial production is scheduled to commence in the third quarter of 2025, providing a consistent supply of well-graded peridot gemstones to the global market.

Fuli aims to become the first zero-waste mine for coloured gemstones in the world. To achieve this, Fuli has researched ways to re-use the by-products of peridot mining, such as olivine and basalt. Olivine is a mineral that can absorb carbon dioxide in a 1:1 ratio of its own mass when it is ground up and scattered, through a process called carbon sequestration, which will help reduce environmental carbon levels1. Similarly, basalt is able to sequester carbon and will also be used in the construction of the processing plant and housing at the mine site.

Fuli has also been working closely with the regional government to ensure minimal environmental impact, protecting the forest in which it operates.

By managing every stage of production, from mining through to cutting and polishing, Fuli ensures unparalleled oversight and control over the quality and consistency of its finished products. This commitment not only underscores Fuli's progressive business philosophy but also guarantees a reliable supply chain and superior product quality, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry.


The Gemstone

Peridot, the gem variety of the mineral olivine, typically has a yellowish-green colour due to the presence of iron in its structure. It has a long history, with some of the first peridots being mined by the Ancient Egyptians on the Red Sea island of Zabargad. Crystals have even been found in meteorites! Besides the Yiqisong Nanshan deposit, the main sources of peridot are the USA (particularly Arizona), Myanmar, Pakistan, and the Himalayas.

From a gemmological perspective, peridot is really interesting – it is called an idiochromatic gemstone, which means it only occurs in one colour, green, because the colour is an essential part of the gem’s chemical structure. This is in contrast to many other gemstones whose colour derives from chemical impurities (eg, beryl or corundum). Peridot is also a doubly refractive gemstone, and this optical property creates visual effects such as the doubling of facets when viewed through the gemstone, enhancing its brilliance.

Fuli peridot is a rich, vibrant, saturated green, due in part to a slightly lower iron content than other deposits of peridot. In terms of clarity, Fuli's peridot is generally eye clean compared to other localities and is also not treated or enhanced in any way.  


A Collaboration

In an exciting collaboration with Fuli, The Curious Gem is delighted to offer Fuli peridot to the retail market. We are able to provide a selection of smaller calibrated gemstones, under 1ct, perfect for independent jewellery designers. These gemstones are available at a competitive price-point, with easy purchasing, no minimum order, and fast shipping from the UK. 

If you require further information or assistance please do get in touch and our customer service team would be delighted to help.



1 see The Olivine Foundation https://smartstones.nl/ for further information

© 2024 Fuli Gemstones. All rights reserved.