packagingAs of 1st January 2021 the UK is no longer part of the EU. This means that new rules apply regarding how the UK trades with EU countries.


Under a scheme called IOSS, EU customers will be charged VAT at the local rate applicable to their delivery country, at the time of sale for orders, under €150 (£135) (excluding shipping). This means goods will reach you without you having to pay VAT, handling fees or import duties at customs. Please note, IOSS only applies to non-business customers (those without a VAT number). All orders over €150 will not be charged VAT at the time of sale and you will be required to pay VAT and a handling fee in your country before your parcel is delivered (the price for products excluding VAT is displayed on all our product pages).


Import duties are not payable on orders under €150. For orders over €150 you may need to pay import duties on certain goods in addition to VAT and a handling fee. As a seller we are not responsible for paying any additional fees at customs.


A customer from the Netherlands placed an order with us for €261.84. She needed to pay an additional €79.82 to Dutch customs before they would release the parcel. €79.82 is approximately 30% of the total cost of the order. This sounds worse than it actually is! As this order is over €150 EU customers no longer pay VAT on our goods so our prices are automatically 20% cheaper than they were last year. Assuming VAT is 20% in your country (and this is part of your additional charges), you are therefore paying an extra 10% of the total value of your order. This 10% comprises import duties (usually 0-6% depending on the item) and a handling charge from the courier/postal system in your country. This handling charge does not increase proportionally depending the value of your order, therefore the larger your order the smaller your additional costs will be (proportionally).


First written 18/12/2020.

Updated  08/12/2021