Living Wage Week at The Curious Gem

At The Curious Gem, we recognise that we are living in tough times. The current cost of living crisis affects us all and one of the things we do to support our employees is to ensure they are rewarded fairly for their work. This is why we are a Living Wage Employer.

This voluntary scheme is the only UK wage rate based on the cost of living. Over 14,000 employers are currently signed up, collectively believing that their staff deserve a wage that allows them to meet their everyday needs. 

Living Wage Employee at The Curious GemAs we celebrate Living Wage Week, we asked one of our colleagues, Shirley, a few questions about what it means to her to be part of the Living Wage Scheme.

      Q: Have you noticed any positive changes in the workplace atmosphere or team morale since the implementation of the Living Wage Scheme at The Curious Gem?

      A: Overall, I feel there's a palpable, positive working vibe in the office which I think comes from the core values adopted by TCG. When staff feel valued, it shows. It motivates people  and helps develop a healthy and happy working environment.

      Q: Do you feel that the Living Wage Scheme has made you more committed to the company, and in your opinion, does it make The Curious Gem a more attractive place for potential  new hires?

      A: Knowing commitment to the Living Wage scheme has been added to TCG's growing list of good work practices gives further positive support for both the staff and the environment        which aligns with things that are also important to me and helps promote my sense of loyalty to the company. I believe being seen to understand, appreciate, and positively address issues will not only enhance TCG's reputation but will also help attract people with similar principles to work with us.

      Q: From your perspective, how do you think The Curious Gem benefits as a company from offering the Living Wage? For instance, in terms of productivity, employee loyalty, or customer perception?

      A: I see the implementation of the Living Wage scheme benefiting TCG as a company on two fronts. Firstly, happy staff who feel they receive fair remuneration for work done and helps tackle rising living expenses will promote motivation/productivity and increase morale. Secondly, for the company, to be seen as a principled employer who sets positive examples of ethical behaviour will enhance the business image and reputation, reduce sickness/absence levels, and help retain staff.

      Q: How do you see the Living Wage Scheme evolving in the future for both employees and the company? Are there any additional initiatives or benefits you'd like to see paired with it to enhance its positive effects?

      A: Morally and ethically, I fully agree with the Government continuing to raise the Living Wage to a level that eradicates working poverty. So long as we acknowledge the need to progress with caution and have a balanced approach on delivery to ensure increases are sustainable for companies and any negative effects on the economy are avoided, I see this as an essential step forward for society.

Speaking on the benefits of signing up to the Living Wage Scheme as an employer, The Curious Gem Director, Victoria Brown said:

"Being a socially aware business is one of our core values at The Curious Gem. Our staff are extremely important to us, without them we cannot operate as a business, and we have a responsibility to ensure everyone is paid enough to meet everyday needs. In return we get a motivated team with excellent retention rates and a positive workplace culture. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t believe paying a fair wage is the right thing to do!"

If you would like to find out more about the Living Wage Scheme, click here.