The name 'garnet' refers to a group of minerals related in composition and crystal structure. It occurs in various colours and each has its own name, eg pyrope (red), spessartine (orange), hessonite (brownish red to yellow), rhodolite (pink red), tsavorite (green), demantoid (green), colour-change (green/red). Usually untreated. Birthstone for January. Hardness: 6.5-7.5 (Mohs).

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AA Rhodolite Garnet Faceted Pear Briolettes 7mm
From:  £19.90
AA+ Garnet Emerald Cut Briolettes ~ Various Sizes
From:  £28.00
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AA+ Garnet Faceted Trilliant Briolettes 7mm
From:  £31.85
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AA+ Rhodolite Garnet Micro-Faceted Rondelles 5-6mm
From:  £58.00

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